Thursday, September 14, 2006

Emails and Phone Calls

As promised I am back, but the pictures of my "bead haul" from my shopping trip will have to's a dark and grey day out there. My friend Jodi from Beadworx and I got the day started on Tuesday with a trip to one of our favorite bead stores!! After a good long while of rummaging around and finding some really nice beads (picture to come soon), we made our way to the mall for some Chinese food and MORE SHOPPING!!! Boy was this mall was HUGE!!! And it was an outlet mall to boot. No, we didn't buy out the place, just a few things here and there.....and then headed back to my hotel to divide up our stuff. And naturally, I bought an exquisite bead set from her and she gave me some of my favorite LARGE lentils as a gift!! (again, picture to come!) Thanks so much Jodi!!

The flights were both excellent with no real problems to speak of. I was searched pretty good on Monday by security at Logan (which being 9/11, I was not surprised) and passed with a hearty "congratulations" by the guy handsearching my bag for not having any contraban items!! Ok, he did look funny when he saw all the food in my bag.....but that's fine by me!!! I did have quite a bit of food stuffed in there, but being a vegetarian, sometimes it is hard to find a lunch or snack that doesn't have meat in it! I got some knitting done and listened to the super funny Ricky Gervais Show the entire time!

I'm pretty wiped out today, between the quickness of the trip and length of the flights and all, so I have been returning emails and phone calls, laundry and cleaning and well, I'm not going to lie, a nap!!! It is the perfect afternoon for that! Hopefully tomorrow I can snap some pictures for here and the knitting blog, and if you could.....

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Pictures tomorrow if the weather cooperates!!! :)

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