Monday, September 18, 2006

Anyone for Chips???

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The Chips are SOLD!!! Thank you very much!! Look for more bargains coming soon!!!

I have chips for sale!!!! I have been cleaning out my bead box(es) and here are some LONG strands of gemstone chips that are first quality, still on the original stringing material. Why am I selling these??? I have way too many beads and not enough time touse them all...and they are at a BARGAIN price too!!!

Here is what they are (from top to bottom)
1. Pineapple quartz
2. Dyed pink shell (tag says $11)
3. Labrodorite
4. Amazonite
5. Black Stone (2 strands!!!)
6. Moonstone
7. Assorted Jasper (tag says $8)

All strands are approximately 30 inches in length!!

And as a bonus...I will add a couple of Pineapple Quartz pendants!!! Now, I am asking $24 for ALL THIS!!! That's 8 long strands and pendants!!!! It's a bargain!!! Take them off my hands!!! They are non returnable, so ask any questions BEFORE you purchase..please!!!

Unfortunately, these babies are pretty heavy so I will need to charge for postage...$4 (for USA)!!!

If you are interested, please email me at designsbykatie (at) hotmail (dot) com.

More strands and goodies to come!! I also have other supplies for sale on my "Yard Sale" page!!

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