Thursday, August 24, 2006

You've got some xplainin'........

I have decided that I am the "Lucy Ricardo" of crafting!!! Remember in the show, she would always have these schemes and great plans....well, that's me, with crafts! I can always come up with some sort of crazy idea and absolutely no idea if I can get it done!!! So today, I run to AC Moore to see if I can find some knitting needles for a project I am going to be starting, and leave without the needles and tons of stamping stuff. I couldn't help it, there was a BIG bin of clearance stamps and they were the "good ones" marked way down. I still needed the needles so it was off to Michaels to find them.....I don't want to buy expensive needles because I probably will never knit with such gigantic needles ever again, and I left not only with the needles, but more stamping stuff!!! Is there such a thing as crafter anonymous??? "My name is Katie, and I compulsively buy craft supplies". There, I've said it!

It's a gorgeous day here, so I'm planning on spending some time outside, reading or working, or both!!! It's too nice to waste inside!!!

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