Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Well, welcome to my new journal home! In the next week or so, I will be making this page a little bit more "me"!! I'm hoping I can post more here, for some reason I seem to write better at this site than Bravejournal (of course, that is probably just my imagination!!) And be sure to re-bookmark this page if you had bookmarked the last journal!!! I'll leave the other one live for a bit........

I guess I should post some West End Designs news.....

I posted three new items today!!! The necklace is my new favorite! And there are two themed bracelets......one for Halloween and one for Thanksgiving, in case you are into that!! I know when I worked at the hospital, I had pins, earrings, scrubs socks all themed to the season. It was fun!!!

I won a contest with my design!! I am super excited about this because I NEVER win anything! (Irish luck!) Please go over and check it out on Jelveh Designs! Jelveh is a wonderful bead maker and all round super person!! I won 2nd place with I get a BIG set of beads from her and I get to pick the colors!!! And congratulations to the other winners too!! There is lots of wonderful talent out there!!

The Giveaway program will be leaving the end of this month! This Fall is looking mighty busy for us, and I don't think I will have the time to keep up with the entries, prizes and everything else that goes along with it! I'll put it on hold until January.....

The Fall Collection is FINISHED!!! Finally....it was alot of fun, designing, naming and working with this theme! I hope you enjoy the jewelry and you find something that touches your fancy! I just have some descriptions to write, and the web page will be finished. Are you dying to know what the theme is........"Sketches of Paris"!!!!

And that's all the studio news for today!!! :) I'll be back tomorrow. I'm sure we will have some Big Brother Bitchin' to do!! The eviction is tonight and I am so sick of this game already!! There are some players who are just so "high school"! I am so glad I am not in the house with them......but then again, I probably would have been kicked off the first week!!! HA!!

And please, if you would, take a minute and vote for my site...the link is over to the right!! Click on it, and then click on "Enter This Site"! I would appreciate it!!!

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