Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Too much much is too much??? Recently, I have recieved a few emails and seen some blogs that just offer much too much information. This amazes me. I am a private person and it takes alot to get to know the "real me". You may think you know me, but truthfully few do, and I like it that way. Some people just offer it up to anyone who will "listen" or in this case read...... I have been pondering this lately. I do like to read a good juicy blog, I will not lie. Or an interesting blog that has something unique to say, or has a new viewpoint, those I like. But how willing are you to share your "vitals" in an email newsletter?? And who gets these emails, do you check your address book and select specific people, like family and close friends, or do you send one to everyone??? If I purchased an item from ebay from you, do you send me a personal newsletter, spilling your private details out?? And if so, why???

And you are asking yourself, why am I discussing this today?? I have recieved some emails from strangers over the past few weeks, that I somehow appeared in their mailing list. Maybe I answered a question that they asked about my site, or maybe they purchased from me or I from them....if so, how did I get to view these details? And I do mean details into their medical history that I should not, and do not care about!!! I do not care what medicines they take, or their medical history. I do not even know these people! I am amazed....... Ok, on the blogs, I violated their private world, maybe it was supposed to be for a family to keep up with their goings on via long distance. But the newsletters????? And for those of you saying, well, just delete it, I did, after the first paragraph and I realized it wasn't my business........

Ok, so my point is (and there has to be a point to this rambling doesn't there?) is if you send out a newsletter, don't send it out to everyone you have ever written too...please....... select people who care, for you just never know who is reading your personal details on the other end! I try very hard not to get personal on my blog or my newsletters. The newsletters are about business and nothing, well, you might get a rambling or a news update, or a funny link. Maybe I will discuss a recent adventure......share a picture or two....but my private history is just that, private.

Rant off.....

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