Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Paperback Swap

Good Morning!!!

Has anyone heard of the Paperback Swap??? I guess it's been splashed all over the news and papers.....I must have missed it....anyway, my new friend Hanane turned me onto it!! Check it out...it's neat and free!!! Yes, free! She has been using it for some time and has had very good luck. We all have paperbacks that we read and then they sit there collectiong dust....let's move them around!! I signed up last week, and sent my first book yesterday! I still have yet to order one, but I will...yes, I will!!! I love books! And it's better than buying them!!! (have you noticed the price of a decent paperback lately??)

And they even have a CD Swap!! And it's legal!!! :) I just posted some of my old cds that I never listen to anymore....it was back in the day when I was teaching aerobics and buying imported maxi singles like a mad woman!! Well, I'm still a madwoman, but I buy music from itunes now!!!

On the studio front, I will have a few more bracelets to post next week. One for the Southwestern collection and one that is stunning in Fall colors (because you just can't get enough of Fall!) My time is very limited this week, but I am hoping to get to some new knotted necklaces!! They are definitely a favorite of mine!

Well, time to get moving.....I'll be back tomorrow for more chat! :)

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